Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Final (most likely) Idea! Thoughts.

So my company has finally come up with a brand new idea (which I made a post about yesterday) that actually seems to work really well!
Lets take a closer look at what I am currently working on.


This is a recent picture taken today.

As you can see I cut open the top of the tissue box to allow more room for the balloon to take up, which means that more air can in fact be blown into the balloon.
I also made the wheels simply out of cardboard. I attached them to wooden BBQ sticks which are placed inside of straws taped under the body of the vehicle. These serve as the axles.
Note: I am going to be cutting off the parts of the sticks that stick out so much.

This is a top view of the car.

As you can see the balloon is sitting inside of the car. The end of the balloon is going through a hole in the back of the car which i cut with an exacto-knife. This helps to focus all the air to one area and keeps the balloon secured and in place.

This is what the car looks like with an inflated balloon.

-for some reason the wheels might sometimes cause the car to slightly move to the right. I'm still working on a solution to this and am confident that it will be resolved by race day.
-when I tested the car out, it would move across the room without much of a problem. I'm hoping to figure out a way to make it move faster.
-I am hoping to add some sort of aerodynamics to the car. Most likely at the front.

This concludes my blog post for the week. I am looking forward to keeping you all updated as I progress.
Good luck with your cars everyone!


  1. nice man i like your idea i think a solution to keep it stable without causing the car to move to the right slightly is to make the wheels heavier. Good job

  2. Hmm, that might work. I think I'll try that out sometime soon. Ill update the blog with what happens.

  3. nice design, very attractive hehe
    hopefully everything will turn out okay :)

  4. nice car, looks very sturdy and built well