Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New Concept!

UPDATE: So I JUST went on Henricks blog and noticed that he is using a similar idea. Hopefully I can change mine a bit.

Today I thought up of a brand new idea for my balloon car.
I actually started making it! Even before I added the axles the car worked really well! I just need some bottle caps from any regular plastic bottle, so if anyone would happen to have some extras please let me know!!

Anyways the balloon car will be made from a tissue box with no top, this allows the car to be lighter AND provides more space for the balloon. Im hoping to use bottle caps for the wheels, so far I only have one, so im not able to properly test the car yet.

I noticed that by using the 2 Liter pop bottle, the bottle would still move, but not as fast or far as I would like it to.

Ill provide pictures of how the car is coming along in a few hours.

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